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Posted by Niamh Allabyrne on the 12th of August 2013 at 16:23:33

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Julia interned with Tourireland for 6 months and as well as working really hard for us, she also did lots of traveling around this Emerald Isle of ours! Here is her account of her time traveling Ireland and some of her recommendations!

Images of Ireland

It is my last weekend in Ireland now, the flight back home leaves on Monday; it has been nearly six months. And it was a great time! I’ve had a really great internship with IWT, traveled a lot, seen a lot, experienced a lot and met some awesome people! Sitting here with all those images and memories spinning around my head, I thought I might share some of my highlights, surprising facts and experiences with you.

The Irish accent:
Usually I am pretty confident about my English skills, having traveled quite a bit before – but hell I was scared of the Irish accent! For no reason as I figured out. At least in Dublin, people do sound quite funny yes but don’t worry, you will still be able to understand most of them…you might just ask for repetition once or twice.

The Irish weather:
Another thing I was quite surprised about is the Irish weather. Arriving in February, I have to admit my time started with the most cliché Irish weather: RAIN. A lot of rain. Without a break. Water all over the streets. Umbrella? No chance, because rain always comes with wind – great! Rain and sunshine at the same time, rain without clouds, rain from the front, rain form the back, rain from right and rain from left. And it was cold. And it stayed cold, for another month and another month… And suddenly, there was SUMMER!


Irish rain!

Temperatures rose to mid 20 degrees, people became even friendlier, you could smell BBQs on every roof top terrace and – Ireland - already a beautiful country with rain and fog – but beneath a blue sky the greens of the Irish countryside are amazing! And we were blessed with a second Irish summer a few weeks after! 20 days of no rain in a row and temperatures up to nearly 30 degrees. Definitely beach time and we even got a pretty decent tan! Who would have expected that? So another don’t worry: yes, it is a little more cloudy and colder than in other European countries but the summer is still not too bad at all!

Road Trip:
Being in Dublin for 6 months without getting out – no way! I planned to see all of Ireland during my 6 month stay anyway, so a few friends and I choose one of the long bank holiday weekends, rented a car (Careful here! Surprising fact: You have to be 25 to rent a car in Ireland, with a minimum of 2 years driving experience. Reason for this unique age limit: None that I know!) Anyway, we rented a tiny car, stuffed 5 girls with “some” luggage inside, bought an Irish music CD and looooots of cookies and off we went, heading down Irish highways towards the beautiful south!

It was so much fun to experience Irish countryside, take an inevitable photo stop at every second corner or just be amazed by Ireland’s rolling green hills, sheep, cyclists, cliffs, beaches, cyclists, blue watered sea, sheep, cyclists, pubs, sheep, etc.

That was within my first month. Inspired by such a fun weekend, the wanderlust got hold of us and we toured around the country nearly every second weekend.

Favorite Spots:
City wise Galway is definitely my number one! The atmosphere in this cozy, colorful town is just great! Coast wise the Antrim coast line for sure – breath-taking – and maybe the Dingle Peninsula, but there we were unfortunate regarding the weather, too many clouds for good views. Favorite sight is by far the Cliffs of Moher. It is all quite touristy these days but I went there twice and approaching the cliff’s edge, nothing but the sea in front of you and the wind in your ears, it was an awe-inspiring moment every time!

Overall, I had a great time on the Emerald Isle! Ireland has so many different facets; it is a land full of contrasts. Make sure you include it on your bucket list and come over yourself sometime with!

Images of Ireland


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