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Posted by Ola Kosakowska on the 6th of November 2015 at 09:31:45

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There really is no better way to see Ireland’s beauty up close and personal than by taking a walk/hike around some of her most beautiful areas whether they are coastal or mountainous, you will be amazed by the colors, sounds, smells, sights and indeed just by the sheer amount of history from ancient burial sites to castles and manor houses that you see as you walk by. The air is fresh and exhilarating, calming and refreshing and you feel as if you are stepping back in time and walking in the footsteps of the ancestors.

So next time you are in Ireland, why not include one of these great walks into your itinerary and peel back Ireland’s layers and just see her…. in all her brilliant blues and emerald greens. Just remember to breathe!

St. Kevin’s Walk, County Wicklow
Saint Kevin was a monk who lived in the beautiful Glendalough region of Wicklow. The monk supposedly held out his arm while praying to God, and by chance a blackbird laid an egg on his hand. Kevin out of love for the wildlife of the region, held out his hand until the young one was fully hatched. The love of Saint Kevin for the natural world is no surprise when you marvel at the wondrous area of Glendalough and dazzling array of beauty before you. There are several walks which follow in the footsteps of the saint through the hills of County Wicklow to the scared and spiritual valley of Glendalough where he stayed for the rest of his life in solitary prayer and contemplation. Each walk showcases the spectacular beauty of Wicklow and all that is beautiful about the east coast of Ireland.


Glendalough, County Wicklow

Howth Head, Cliffs Walk, County Dublin
Howth lies to the north of Dublin around 30 minutes from the city center, but is like a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Immortalized in James Joyce’s Ulysses, Howth has a myriad of attractions from the islands of Ireland’s Eye and Lambay, to Howth Castle, the National Transport Museum and Bailey Lighthouse. It has a history stretching back a thousand years and is known for its wonderful views of Dublin and Dublin Bay from atop her majestic windswept cliffs. There are 4 walks you can take around Howth and all will highlight the beauty of this fishing village. However, a walk to Howth Summit is a must and in particular a walk along her cliffs really should not be missed! And afterwards dine al fresco with some fresh fish (caught that morning from the Bay) and chips as you sit along Howth Pier making friends with the friendly gray seals!

Howth Head, County Dublin

The Burren Way, County Clare
The enigmatic beauty of the Burren, on Ireland’s western seaboard has drawn people to this region for centuries. Inspiring poets, painters and musicians with her barren and desolate landscape all interspersed by the bright colors of her unique floras and fauna and the ancient monuments left by those who went before. The entire route is some 123km long however, if you prefer not to do the entire route, any length of walk in The Buren is amazing and full of things to see! From old cattle tacks, to dolmens, castles and of course the Cliffs of Moher, this region is magical and will capture you mind body and soul from first sight.

Burren, County Clare

The Dingle Way, County Kerry
This is one of my favorite spots in Ireland! Between the breath-taking scenery, history, heritage and the craic of Dingle town, my roots may be in Dublin, but heart is most definitely in Dingle!! The Dingle Way is a circular route of some 179km long and while I have not done all if it in one go, I have followed some smaller sections of it. If you want to be blown away (both literally and figuratively) than this is the walk for you! Amazing views of the Kerry coast await you; her mountains beckon you and the history of a thousand years whisper through her winds! Wow!!!!

Dingle Way, County Kerry

Tory Island, County Donegal
Situated in the North Atlantic, Tory Island’s rugged beauty is difficult to put into words. This small island ( just two and half miles long by three quarters of a mile wide) has some of the most beautiful coastal views you will see in Ireland. An island still with its own King and an epic history stretching back into the mists of time, this island has inspired legends for centuries. The walk is short (around 4km) and while the it should take over an hour to do (depending on fitness) in reality it won’t as you will be staggered by the mesmerizing views, castles, towers and Iron Age Forts dotted along the way.

Tory Island, County Donegal

So, there you are! Just a small taster of some of Ireland’s walks! A great way to see her beauty first hand and to escape the typical touristy trails! And with so many to choose from, in all parts of the country, make sure you have proper shoes, map and compass! Contact our dedicated Reservations Team today and make sure you include a walk of Ireland into your tour of Ireland!

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