Touring Ireland in Fall/Winter - top travel tips

Posted by Niamh Allabyrne on the 10th of October 2013 at 09:04:14

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Touring Ireland this Fall or Winter and wondering what to wear and bring? The fear of the Irish rain ringing in your ears from friends anecdotes about our famous weather?! Well you are not alone as these are some of the most frequently asked questions I get asked when talking to clients about their Irish vacations! Totally understandable when you are looking out your window and seeing nothing apart from sheets of rain and a possible sighting of Noah’ s Ark!

However, during the early Spring and Summer months - our rain – while almost certainly biblical – does come in brief yet violent outbursts generally followed by a fiery sun that leaves you simultaneously wet and hot - akin to how I reckon a lobster feels when placed in a pot! Often we literally have all weather types in a single day - there’s nothing weirder than seeing the sun beating down at the same time that the rain is!

My usual response - no matter the time of year is to layer up! In general, Ireland does not suffer huge extremes of weather – although like the Irish themselves – our weather can be a bit contrary – case in point – this year when we had one of the best Summers on records with little rain and temperatures hitting the 30’s! And even as I type this now – October is really mild – no coat or jacket needed yet and still in the mid to late teens! Yippee!

So in general……..

Late Spring and Summer can be both rainy and warm – well anything in the 20’S and we think it’s a BBQ season so you need light but water proof clothes that you can take off/put on at a moment’s notice!
But Winter throws up a few more words of advice! So for you guys traveling and packing for your Irish Fall or Winter vacation here’s a few tips:


Hiking Boots

Aran Jumper

Guinness Pints

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And if you have any more questions about Ireland - perhaps I have answered them here!

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