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Posted by Niamh Allabyrne on the 3rd of April 2014 at 10:04:45

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The first image that springs to mind when asked about Ireland is in most cases a pub. There are some knock-offs in every country, but they cannot hold up to a true Irish Pub. And since I am relatively new to Ireland and Dublin in particular I thoroughly tested a few to see which Irish Pub is really worth a visit. From the list my co-workers gave me these four pubs were my favourites, because of the special extra they all have.
J.W. Sweetman
The only pub in Dublin with its own brewery this pub offers tours and tasting of their own creations. Located central near O’Connell Bridge J.W. Sweetmans resides in a gorgeous house. The furniture and decoration give off an authentic and cosy feeling, which make you feel at home. There is a possibility to rent the whole pub for events or parts of it for smaller groups. Part of the Brewery is included in the interior, which looks really cool and enables you to sit next to a brewing copper. Their own beer is also great. I especially liked their Pale Ale because of it citrus taste although it is kind of bitter. Their Weiss, a Bavarian styled beer combining wheat and yeast, is also superb and I have pretty high standards on Hefeweizen since I did live in Bavaria for awhile. They offer a wide variety on tasty food as well but be careful as the portions are huge!
Bar at the J.W. Sweetman
The Hairy Lemon
Named after a Dog-Catcher who lived in Dublin in the 1950s this lively Pub offers everything you want to find in an Irish Pub. The Pub is divided into a Lounge upstairs, and bar area and a restaurant downstairs. It is located close to St. Stephen’s Green on Stephen Street. On Weekends it is normally quite crowded as the news of the great food, beer and nice staff have spread, so if you want to enjoy some peace you should be going there during the week. They also broadcast all kind of sport events, making it a good place to enjoy a Rugby match with friends. In addition scenes from “The Commitment”, a blockbuster movie, were shot in here.
Entrance of the Hairy Lemon
The Long Hall
Maintaining the old Dublin Charm the Long Hall stands out from all the surrounding new bars in Dublin City Centre. It still has the design of an old Dublin Bar, which gives an authentic feeling to this charming little place. It is also a centre of attraction for locals, who want to savour the feeling of a traditional Irish Pub with a good taped beer, Irish food and nice folks around. And it could be a centre of attraction for you if you seek a real, reliable Pub in City Centre, too. I especially liked the Victorian Era style interior the Long Hall has retained since it creates a wonderful atmosphere.
The Long Hall -exterior
The Bank on College Green
Crowned Bar of the Year in 2011 by Hospitality Ireland, this place looks absolutely stunning with its high ceiling and leather chairs. It would be worth a visit for the looks alone, but the pub itself is not to be underestimated. It offers excellent food in a wide variety and you can also brunch there in the weekends. Something I totally recommend as their food is top-notch. Hosting piano plays every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evening and seeing the classic interior it is clear that this place is not for the rowdy, but it still promises a good time. You can also participate in a guided tour of the grounds, which is very interesting and a good way to spend some time. After all you don’t have to go far to get a pint after the tour is over...
Bank on College Green- Interior
These four Pubs stood out from the rest of many great pubs Dublin has to offer, because they were all unique in their own way and I appreciated the diversity I experienced. If you are interested in Irish Pubs, why not experience their charm yourself with our Traditional Pub & Folk Tours? You can also find our more about Irish Pubs in our Pubs of Ireland blog post.

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