The Wild Atlantic Way

Posted by Neil Hand on the 22nd of August 2016 at 15:27:03

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Rugged. Wild. Untamed. Magical. Beautiful. These are just some of the words to describe the Wild Atlantic Way! But do you know what exactly this enthralling route is all about? It is essentially a 2,500 km route from Ireland’s most northerly point – Malin Head in Donegal to Mizen Head in Cork – Ireland’s most southerly –making it the world’s longest defined coastal route. However it is so much more than that!
Dingle, County Kerry
Ireland’s western seaboard has been shaped and moulded by the fierce and brutal wilds of the Atlantic Ocean since the beginning of time. Carved out of the unrelenting onslaught of the brutal Atlantic, cliffs, headlands, islands and beaches formed to create one of the most ruggedly beautiful coastlines in the world.
The route takes you from Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Clare, Kerry to Cork. Broken into 4 regions, with 14 route sections, along the way you will be greeted with miles of stunning scenery. Every twist and turn of the road unveils a new delight from secluded beaches to stunning cliffs, historic castles to monastic sites, bustling villages to charming towns all showcasing the stunning beauty of western Ireland.
Stroll along quiet beaches, discover culinary and craft enterprises, learn Irish, swim, dive, hike and drive along this breath-taking route and discover the Ireland that only the locals now. This is an authentic look at the Emerald Isle – un-commercialised and pared back to reveal the untouched beauty of Ireland, her unrivalled scenic delights, epic history, heritage and traditions, all of which are infused with the charm of the locals, the Celtic beat of the music and the myths and legends of old.
Gaeltacht region
This is a route not be rushed but savoured. Explore it at your leisure to full appreciate its many charms. Explore and experience it bit by bit, region by region, mile by mile.
Have a look here at some more information on this glorious route and see our tours which feature this route!
Rugged and authentic – this is the Wild Atlantic Way!

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