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Posted by Neil Hand on the 19th of September 2014 at 15:21:48

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And so, as promised last week when I wrote about unseasonably happy times, I will look forward to the season which has finally arrived in Ireland: Fall.

A thick mist hangs in the air in Dublin this morning, and there have been whispers of a thunderstorm overnight. The temperatures have cooled (not by much, it must be noted), and the rate at which leaves are dropping from heavy trees is accelerating. For the first time since around May, I brought a jumper with me to work as a contingency should I feel a chill going for coffee at lunchtime. Change is upon us. But I’m positive. Whilst I bravely and privately mourn the passing of most people’s favourite season, I welcome another of my favourites. (I came to the conclusion a few years back that Winter is the only season I’m not particularly fond of, despite its rosy-cheeked, scarf-sporting charms. Spring, Summer & Fall are a hoot.)

So, putting aside my atmospheric, scene setting introduction, I introduce to you some great things to do or get involved in in Ireland this Fall:

Cork Jazz Festival

The Guinness Cork Jazz Festival takes place in Cork City from the 23rd – 27th October at various venues around the city. It is an annual event that has been running since 1978 and although Jazz-themed, is not restricted to Jazz music any longer. Take a look at the fantastic and diverse line-up for a flavour of what to expect this year. My hot tip would be Lee Fields & The Expressions at Cork Opera House on the 26th.

It is estimated 40,000 people attend the festival each year, and this year will be bigger and better than ever. Use the opportunity to soak up the wonderful atmosphere throughout Cork City, one of Ireland’s most buzzing urban centres.


Irish people love Halloween. The excitement of dressing up and clowning about, combined with a decent chance of getting invited to a party, makes it a hugely popular Fall event. Halloween generally falls within a few days of the clocks going back, and some see cutting loose at Halloween as a great way to get over the blues of losing an hour of daylight. Obviously, it must be noted, Halloween is a great time for kids, who dress up and trick or treat in their local neighbourhoods. Bonfires are often organised safely in the community, so keep your ear to the ground, find out where the nearest one is being held, and head down for the evening. Little known fact: It’s believed Halloween has its origins in Ireland, having evolved from the Celtic festival Samhain (pronounced sow-an). The month of November in Gaeilge (the Irish language) is called Samhain to this day.

Autumn Rugby Internationals

As I mentioned in my last, Indian-Summer-lauding entry, sport is a big deal in Ireland. Irish Rugby is a big deal in World Rugby. We’re one of the strongest teams in the world. In November, the Autumn Internationals Series rolls into Dublin town. Ireland’s visitors to the Aviva Stadium this November are South Africa, Georgia and Australia. Click here to book tickets and find out more about the games. The Aviva Stadium is a fantastic place to take in a sporting event, and is the home of both our National Rugby and Football (Soccer) teams. It opened in May 2010 and is built on the site of the iconic Lansdowne Road Stadium. Many people still call the Aviva Stadium “Lansdowne Road”, so don’t be confused if you hear this. The stadium is located on the edge of Dublin City and is within walking distance of all Dublin City’s major attractions. And… I’ve just learned that the stadium will host group and last-16 games at the Uefa European Championships (Soccer) in 2020!

Westport Arts Festival

Looking to the West of the country, the fantastic Westport Arts Festival runs from the 1st to the 5th of October. Founded in 1975, the festival takes place in this charming Mayo town, and combines comedy, music, theatre and family entertainment. In the heart of the West of Ireland and very close to the Wild Atlantic Way, Westport is a fantastic launch-pad for touring the West and beyond. What are you waiting for? Check out the official website of the festival for more info and ticket details.

Kinsale Gourmet Festival

For a real taste of Ireland, get yourself down to the Kinsale Gourmet Festival 2014, taking place from the 10th – 12th of October. A celebration of Irish cuisine, and of Kinsale’s rich seafood tradition specifically, the festival is a real treat with lots of delicious food & activities for all the family. A festival highlight is the ‘Mad Hatters’ Taste of Kinsale food-trail. Funny hats and food in the same activity? I clearly don’t need to say any more. Find more info and ticket information here.


Whatever you find yourself doing, and wherever you find yourself, we hope you enjoy the Fall. For help organising your trip to Ireland during any season, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our wonderful team. Contact us today!

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