Discover Viking/Medieval Dublin at Dublinia

Posted by Neil Hand on the 3rd of October 2014 at 10:18:10

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Ireland is a country steeped in history. You’ve probably heard a lot about it. It might be why you came here or why you'd love to. But something you may not be so familiar with is the Medieval and Viking History of the capital city, Dublin. The great thing is, you can learn all about it in one dedicated place: Dublinia. Located across the street from the famous Dublin landmark Christchurch Cathedral, the fantastic thing about Dublinia is that you experience Viking/Medieval history from the focal point of the city in those periods. You're also just a short walk from Temple Bar, Dublin's social hub, which needs little introduction.

As someone who has always been very interested in history, and a Dubliner born and raised, I’ve been to the Dublinia exhibit a few times now and learn something new each time. It’s amazing to find yourself in the vicinity of Christchurch Cathedral and consider all the action, the life-defining moments, the joy and tears that could have taken place on the very spot you are standing.

Dublinia brings Dublin in the Viking/Medieval period to life, with its reconstructions of dwellings from the respective periods, examples of how people dressed/traded/worked, old maps and most importantly stories and tales of the way we were.

All in all, Dublinia is a must-see on any trip to Dublin, offers plenty to keep the kids occupied, and if you pay close attention, might just give you some insight into the way Dublin is today.

Information on tickets, pricing and fantastic group-rates can be found on their official website. Check it out!

There are lots of other great attractions and activities to get involved in on a trip to Dublin, and obviously a lifetime’s worth in Ireland as a whole. For help planning your dream vacation to Ireland and for the best advice available, contact us today and speak to our team of experts. Your Irish adventure is just around the corner.

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