A Blanket of Snow

Posted by Neil Hand on the 30th of January 2015 at 11:31:27

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This winter thus far, and in particular the portion of it that lies this side of the New Year, has given Ireland a reminder of what it feels like to experience white fluff falling from the sky; otherwise known as SNOW!

That exclamation mark after snow, and its capitalisation, could be interpreted two ways. Firstly, as an indication of excitement, or secondly, as an indication of exasperation and dread. I’ll keep you guessing as to my true feelings about the stuff.

Ireland is a country that generally does not experience much snowfall on average. Our mild climate generally prevents snowfall. The more mountainous regions are most heavily affected, occasionally experiencing a blanketing, but these areas are sparsely populated in general, so the snow doesn't cause too much inconvenience.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a number of moderate snowfalls which to Irish people unaccustomed to it, felt more like avalanches at times. For all reading this more experienced with snow, you may well laugh, but the fact is that the rarity of snow in Ireland means we’re relatively unprepared for it. We’re not used to driving in it, we’re not used to walking in it. We’re barely even capable of making decent snowmen, truth be told. We just don’t get the practice.

I look out my window here in an office just south of Dublin City, and I marvel at our climate. Yesterday afternoon, looking out the same window, I might as well have been looking out on Siberia, Canada or one of the snow-strangled images of Boston that have been doing the rounds. A blizzard was blowing down the street, racing from the humble peaks of the Dublin Mountains, and quickly covered the streetscape in magic/inconvenience, depending on how you look at it. Roughly an inch and a half had fallen in a little more than an hour, and people at work started to worry about how long their commute home was going to take.

Mere hours later, the temperatures had crept up, the snow became rain, and the pretty sight of our City under snow had disappeared like a passing daydream. This morning, not a single flake remains in evidence outside, the ground almost completely dry in fact.

The most heavily impacted Counties in Ireland yesterday were Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Tyrone, Antrim, Armagh and Down. The snow could be measured in feet in some of these counties, and caused traffic chaos for many commuters. There is more cold, wintry weather expected over the next week, so our snow experience may increase by a few points by the time February is out. We’ll keep you abreast of all developments!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our rare Irish snowy weather. It is such a novel thing here, that opinion is divided, even within individuals: It’s nice to look at, it’s different, it brightens up the place but… it’s cold and causes the country to grind to a halt. Know this: When you find yourself in Ireland on your dream holiday, and you experience anything more than the lightest icing of snow, take a picture. This doesn’t happen every day. Contact us today to plan your holiday of a lifetime in the Emerald Isle. Our professional staff are standing by to help turn your plans into reality.

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