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Posted by Neil Hand on the 26th of February 2015 at 12:10:21

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One of our favourite places to visit here at Tour Ireland is Cork City. It is one of the most vibrant population centres in the country, with its own unique identity, where you’ll never be stuck for something to do. Built on the banks of the River Lee, the people of Cork City have a pride and connection with their area that is extremely strong. They will never hesitate to tell you that Cork City is the best thing about Ireland, and we find it hard to argue with them. It’s a truly beautiful place of rivers, hills, culture and fantastic citizens.

Here are a few things for you to do and see when in Cork City:


If you have the luxury of a loose schedule when in Cork, walking comes highly recommended. Walk along the river banks, walk through the city centre, down the main street of the city (Patrick Street). Walk up and down the hills, walk down to the docks, walk over the bridges again and again. You won’t regret it.


When you’ve got your fill of walking, slow down, and perhaps stop. Take a look at the buildings. Cork has some beautiful architecture to behold. City Hall on Anglesea Street is not to be missed. On the banks of the Lee, it’s hewn from limestone and features Tuscan pillars and a copper-domed clock tower. St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral on Bishop Street is a wonderful, gigantic gothic structure built in the mid-19th Century. It really catches the eye both inside and out. Also, for something a little bit different, check out the English Market in the centre of the City. This bustling marketplace has existed since 1788, so join in the time honoured tradition and pop in for a bargain.


Cork is a very musical City. Check out the programme at Cork Opera House for a wide variety of musical productions and plays. MacCurtain Street is also very popular with more modern music types, particularly rock music and blues. Check out the tributes to one of Cork’s most famous sons, Rory Gallagher, in the Central Library on Grand Parade. Gallagher is renowned as one of the greatest guitarists in history.


One important tip I would like to offer any of you who have the good fortune of making it to Cork City for a visit: Bring a map! Cork City is a beautiful and unique City but for out-of-towners can be difficult to navigate at times. I had a free day there with no commitments to keep just before Christmas, and enjoyed a very pleasant day rambling around, but must admit I found it difficult to get from A to B directly. It was part of the charm for me, and given I’m not an expert of navigation in any sense, but at least have a map with you when you visit.

For assistance getting to Ireland and seeing all that Cork City has to offer, contact us today and start the discussion that will get you here. We’d love to chat with you.

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