For Once, Fall in Love with Dublin

Posted by Ola Kosakowska on the 5th of November 2015 at 10:19:17

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Should you come to Dublin, you may hear about a musical called « Once », which since Saturday July 4th until Saturday 22nd August 2015 takes place in the Olympia Theatre.
(You can have a look at the official website here)

It is a show celebrating music, love : the story of two people who meet in Dublin, completely by chance, and become close thanks to their love of music. The Guy is a Dublin guitarist/singer who makes a living by fixing vacuum cleaners in a hoover shop. The Girl is a Czech pianist/singer who also struggles to make a living by selling flowers and who takes care of her mom and daughter. When they meet, the Guy is performing a song in the street. The Girl helps the Guy to put together a disc to take to London in hope of landing a music contract. During their time working together, the Guy and the Girl develop a real and deep connection for one another, through their songs.

Originally, it was an Irish movie from 2007, later adapted to a musical in Broadway. Low budget (only €130,000), unknown actors (Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard, the later being known in Ireland only because he is part of a popular Irish band the Frames), and yet this movie resonated with audiences around the world. The film even won an Academy Award the same year for Best Original Song,“Falling Slowly.”
The musical in itself won a Grammy Award and 8 Tony Awards - including Best Musical. Now it comes home to Dublin.
This movie spoke to millions because of its genuine beauty and simplicity (the love story is written in a very realistic and believable way), but we believe that part of the success of the movie and later the musical, is that beyond this love story, Dublin is also celebrated. Indeed it captures something true about life in Dublin, (because Dubliners love music, and also celebrate genuine love and feelings) and depicts some of our favourite places in the city. That’s why we want to share those places with you : that might make you want to watch this movie...or come to see the musical in Dublin.

1. Grafton Street
Grafton Street is the pedestrian shopping area of Dublin’s south side. It is often considered as the heart of the city, especially with its quality street performers and musicians playing there each day.
In the film, several scenes take place on Grafton Street. The most memorable one is the scene where the Guy is performing his songs there with his guitar, and meets the Girl, as she is passing by.

Learn more about Grafton Street here.

2. St Stephen Green’s Park
There’s also the scene where a junkie tries to steal his guitar case, and the Guy therefore chases the thief through the entire Grafton street all the way down to St. Stephen’s Green’s Park, through the Fusilier’s Arch. The arch commemorates the Royal Dublin Fusiliers who died in the Second Boer War.
The park features a scented garden for the blind, lakes, a bandstand and memorials and statues dedicated to notable Dubliners.

Learn more about the park here.

3. Walton’s
In this Dublin music shop on Georges Street, the two protagonists sit down at a piano and discover their shared love of music.

4. Killiney Hill
After an very emotional recording session between these two, the musicians decide to get into a car to drive south of Dublin, in Killeney Hill, to listen to their new album. In the film, you can see them looking out to the Irish Sea.


5. Mountjoy Square
The girl lives in Mountjoy square, one of the many places in the city known for its Georgian architecture. This square is located on the north side of the River Liffey.


6. Temple Bar
In the final few moments of the film, Glen and Marketa are taking a walk through Temple Bar. After having completed their album, this is the place where they have decided to go their separate ways. It is a very emotional scene in a very symbolic setting. Indeed Temple Bar is a must-see in Dublin, a place where you can enjoy pints of beer and listen to Irish bands playing folklore music.

Learn more about Temple Bar here.

So… we invite you to fall in love in Dublin, and even fall in love with Dublin, like these characters from the movie.
Learn more about Dublin city here.

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