PS: I Love You, Ireland

Posted by Ola Kosakowska on the 5th of November 2015 at 10:20:09

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No, in case you are wondering, this isn’t me writing a love declaration to Ireland (although it could be).

This is me trying to make a pun by referring both to Ireland and to the 2007 romantic movie, PS I love You, partly set and shot in Ireland.

Now, whether you like this movie or not, this is part of pop culture. For some it’s a great romantic movie, for others it is a very cheesy chick flick. But should you decide to visit Wicklow for instance, it is very likely your guides will mention this very popular movie as you pass by the movie’s main shooting locations.

I love this movie. And to tell you the truth I came to work in Ireland FOR this movie. I was hoping to meet my soulmate there, a fun and very handsome Irish guy, like the main girl from the movie does, and have him sing the Galway Girl song to me, in a pub, drinking a pint of Guinness (and still everytime I hear this song when I go into a pub in Dublin I have chills. EVERYTIME. And it is sung at least once in EVERY PUB EVERY NIGHT. And I am still not tired of it.). As it turns out, things did not go as planned (life is full of surprises as you know it) but anyway, it is because of this movie I got to be part of Tourireland and therefore ended up where I am now. Writing this to you.

First, for those who don’t know, a bit about the movie and its connection to Ireland.

P.S. I Love Youis a 2007 American film directed byRichard LaGravenese. The screenplayis based on the 2004novel of the same namebyCecelia Ahern. It starsHilary Swank and Gerard Butler.

Originally the story from the book takes place entirely in Ireland (the author is Irish). Since it is an American movie, only part of the movie actually takes place in Ireland.

When Gerry (Gerard Butler), the Irish fun-loving husband of Holly (Hilary Swank), dies from an illness, she loses the love of her life. But as she turns 30, she receives the first in a series of letters written by him, designed to encourage her to move forward to a new life. Gerry for instance arranged for Holly to travel to his homeland, Ireland, in the Wicklow Mountains. And she learns to move on thanks to this trip and the symbolic memories this country represents, as she met Gerry in Ireland. And later on, the film ends with Holly taking her mother on a trip to Ireland as well, for her to see what is so special about this country.

So. Like Holly, i would also like you to take a virtual trip to Ireland with me to see what is so special about this country. Personally, thanks to this movie I find Ireland more romantic than France. Should you come to Ireland, I then invite you to take a look at several of the movie’s shooting locations.

The scene where Holly and Gerry first meet (and kiss) is at the Sally Gap, in Wicklow Mountains National Park. Lovely right? The scenery just feels magic

While they walk together later on they are in the beautiful village of Lacken, overlooking the Blessington lakes.

The Blessington Lakes


The pub scene in which Gerard Butler is seen singing was filmed at Whelan’s pub, on Wexford Street, in Dublin.A great way to experience the Dublin pub scene and the rich heritage of Irish music is to venture on the Musical Pub Crawl. And if traditional Irish pubs and music are your thing, check out ourTraditional Pub & Folklore Self-Drive 8 Day TourandGet a Quotetoday!


To really know what I am talking about of course, you need to see the movie, and see those locations for yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

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