Guinness Storehouse Reveal it's St. Patrick's Day Plans

Posted by Emer Kelly on the 1st of March 2012 at 15:05:56

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The Guinness Storehouse Reveals its St. Patrick's Day Plan. and it looks set to be the friendliest day of the year. Today, the Guinness Storehouse, Ireland’s No. 1 International visitor attraction, announced their exciting plans to attempt to set a Guinness World Record by making March 17th the World’s Friendliest Day during the three day St. Patrick’s Festival at the Storehouse.

Guinness Pint

Ahead of the Guinness World Record Attempt, the Guinness Storehouse carried out research with over 1,000 Irish people nationwide into the friendliness of the nation and to discover why we are considered such a friendly bunch. The research, conducted by Red C, revealed that almost 80% of respondents believe the people to be the reason Ireland is considered so friendly, whilst only 12% ranked the Irish wit, craic and humour to be the key factor.

According to the research, 82% of people in Ireland show their friendliness with a smile, with six out of 10 smiling at passers-by every day. Saying hello (78%) and general chit chat (60%) also ranked high on the list as favourite expressions of friendliness by the Irish whilst 9% chose Ireland’s generally relaxed atmosphere as the reason why the country is considered so friendly.

A slightly more unusual way to show our friendly side, the so-called finger wave, generally used at the steering wheel was voted their favourite gesture of friendliness by 51%, more often used in Connaught and Ulster. Whilst we’re friendly to each other, 15% believe we extend a warm welcome to our international visitors contributing to our reputation as a friendly nation. Out walking, in the pub and on a busy street were ranked as the most comfortable surroundings to offer friendly gestures by 47%, 27% and 13% respectively. Paul Carty, Managing Director at the Guinness Storehouse commented: ‘Ireland has always had a reputation of being a friendly nation, and this year we would like to make it official with a GUINNESS World Record and create the warmest welcome on St. Patrick’s Day to spread the friendliness.” Visitors can take part in the GUINNESS World Record Attempt by enjoying the festivities with their mates, gesture their friendliness by calling a friend for free anywhere in the world from the Friendly Phone, getting snapped in the pop up photo booths with their nearest and dearest or having the craic at the Céilí Mór.

As part of the Guinness Storehouse St. Patrick’s Festival, there will be a vibrant selection of live music from home grown talent such as Irish group Four Men and a Dog, eclectic bluegrass-trad group Tupelo, musical collective Eclectic Spree and many more throughout the weekend. Building on the tradition of last year, the Guinness Storehouse will again be welcoming everybody by the first name of Patrick*, and variants of the name (see full list below), for free into the attraction on St. Patrick’s Day.

Visitors can also enjoy specialty Guinness food tastings and Pour the Perfect Pint Sessions on FIVE, an entire floor dedicated to Guinness and Food at the Guinness Storehouse, or simply enjoy a pint of Guinness overlooking the breath-taking 360? views from the Gravity Bar, the highest viewpoint of the city.

The Guinness Storehouse St. Patrick’s Festival is free of charge to all Patricks* on March 17th and for everyone else, standard admission rates apply. For full details on the festival and the World’s Friendliest Day GUINNESS World Record Attempt log onto

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