Howth Coastal Walk

Posted by Neil Hand on the 8th of April 2016 at 14:35:09

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The days are getting longer and flowers are blooming – a really good reason to go for a walk!

But I’m not talking about a normal walk through your neighbourhood, I would rather like to recommend you a breath taking coastal walk which I recently did on Howth.

Howth is a peninsula located in the North-East of Dublin and it’s easy to get there. Just take the DART (Irish rail) e.g. on Pearse Station (Dublin City) and head towards Howth village. The ride takes about 30 min. and then you’re already away from the rush of Dublin’s city.

There’s no need to go for the whole coastal walk, because there are four different trails which all start at Howth (DART) station and end up seeing the famous Lighthouse, which rises up to the sea.

You need to follow one of the four signs, which will guide you the way.


The Cliff Path Loop:

- 6 km

- Grade Easy

- 1 ½ - 2 ½ hrs


The Tramline Loop:

- 7 km

- Grade Easy

- 1 ½ - 2 hrs


The Back Linn Loop:

- 8 km

- Grade Moderate

- 2 – 3 hrs


Bog of the frogs/Coastal walk:

- 10 km

- Grade Hard

- 2 ½ - 3 ½ hrs

In my opinion, when the weather is good and stable, you should definitely go for the Coastal walk. Especially in spring time the gorse blossoms and many parts of the island will be coloured in yellow. There are various wildflowers growing - take a moment to look at them, which are growing by the path.

This particular walk along the coast is less crowded and this is also the only trail where you get an amazing view of Dublin Dockland’s . You also get a better view from the whole rugged coastline and cliffs than on the other trails. But be aware, you should plan enough time, bring proper shoes and snacks & drinks with you. In my view you really don’t have to be an experienced hiker, but you also need to know that there are rough steps to take and as you might already have experienced - along Dublin’s coast there’s always a light breeze, too.

In case the weather has considerably changed or if you don’t feel like talking a walk there’s no need to do that. You can also easily shift your plans, get a cup of coffee in one of the little cafés or have lunch at the various pubs and great seafood restaurants all located in lovely Howth village next to the harbour.

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