My top 5 things to do in Glasgow

Posted by Neil Hand on the 15th of April 2016 at 16:07:56

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Glasgow is the largest City in Scotland and it’s situated on the River Clyde. The population of Glasgow is actually about 600,000 people and the inhabitants of the city are often referred to as Glaswegians. Glasgow was one of the most important ports in the 18th century. The influence and the charm of this old seaport you will feel on a visit to Glasgow. In contrast to this, you will feel a very young and modern flair throughout the city as it is filled with young artists and students from the University of Glasgow.

If visiting Glasgow, here are my top 5 attractions that you must visit…

Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel

The best way to feel this old seaport is the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel. It shows over 3,000objectsthat detail Glasgow’s rich past from itsdays as maritime powerhouse to a glimpse intodaily Glasgow life in the earlyto mid20thCentury. The Riverside Museum offers also a broad range of interactive experiences to feel the past. As part of your adventure at Riverside Museum there are three interactive Streets with access to shops dated from 1895 to the 1980's. It is located at the River Clyde next to the Tallship at Riverside. The Tallship is an 1896 built ship that was restored in 1999 and it is also worth a visit.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is the major art gallery and museum of Glasgow. It is the most visited museum of the British Empire out of London. It was opened in 1902 and it houses many important European artworks. You can also view an outstanding collection of weapons and armours and a formidable treasury of Natural History. The building itself deserves a visit. It was built in Spanish baroque style with the typical Glasgow red sandstone. It is located next to the Kelvingrove Park and the University of Glasgow. I would also recommend a visit to the University of Glasgow and Kelvingrove Park.



The Streets of Glasgow

Take a stroll through the streets of Glasgow as it is not the industrial city that it was years ago. It has changed to a cultural and charming City. Everywhere in the Streets of Glasgow you find young artists. The architecture of the city is amazing. It combines the frontage of an industrial city it was and great historic buildings with new and modern architecture from the last few years. Glasgow is also a great place for shopping. You can find everything you want at the “Merchant City” to the west of the High Street. Another Highlight is the “Barras Market” one of the biggest flea markets in Europe. So visiting Glasgow is an amazing experience. Whatever you like you will find it in Glasgow.


Scottish Football

A very important sport in Glasgow is football. There is big rivalry between Glasgow Rangers and Celtic Glasgow. The Scottish football fans are very enthusiastic and the atmosphere in the stadiums during a football match is one of the best in the world. So a visit to a football match in Glasgow is a must do during your stay in Glasgow. The Glasgow Rangers stadium, the Ibrox Stadium, has the capacity of 50,947 people and the atmosphere is amazing. Glasgow is actually first in the Championship and will rise to the first Scottish Football League next Session. The Rangers must descend into the 4th Scottish Football League because of their bankruptcy in 2012 what was a hard time for all Rangers fans. You can visit the trophy room at the Stadium where you can feel the glory history of the Rangers. The other opportunity you have is to visit the Stadium of Celtic Glasgow the big rival of the Rangers. The amazing Celtic Park with a volume of 60,355 seats is definitely worth a visit. It was the favoured stadium in the United Kingdom in 2003. Celtic has dominated together with the Rangers now for more than 100 years the Scottish Football. The atmosphere in both Stadiums is really amazing and you really have to visit at least one of these attractions during your visit of Glasgow.


Glasgow Tigers (Speedway)

Photo Credit : Kallerna

Sport in Glasgow offers much more than only football. One example of this diversity are the Glasgow Tigers. The Speedway team in Glasgow. Motorcycle Speedway is a part of motorcycle sport where four up to six riders compete on 4 rounds at an oval course. The motorcycles have no brackets and only one gear. It is a very amazing spectacle to see how these guys drive at about 70 mph without any brackets on a dirt route. The Glasgow Tigers are a part of the British Premiere League and race at Saracen Park. It is not a very popular sport in Europe but an amazing experience for everyone who was ever at a race.

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