What to do and see in County Sligo

Posted by Neil Hand on the 20th of May 2016 at 16:01:54

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In the last years Sligo has nearly grown to a city with now more than 20,000 inhabitants in Sligo Town itself.

This development is supported by the IT Sligo, Sligo’s own college, but also because there is a lot to do and see in this small county in Ireland’s northwest!

I would like you to get to know the most stunning and interesting attractions in Sligo.

Visiting the bright houses by the river Garavogue

One of the places I really enjoyed exploring was the river Garavogue. You can walk from the small harbour in Sligo Town to Lough Gill and see the pretty and colourful houses nearby. It never gets boring and in the evening the river is illuminated in the town centre. And while you are there, do not forget to drink a pint in the restaurant and pub ‘Fiddler’s Creek’ and listen to the amazing live music before crossing the river to go to a bar called ‘Garavogue’ where you can dance - and have another pint.

Climbing the mountain Knocknarea

Knocknarea can be identified easily by its pile of stones on the actual mountain. These stones are part of a myth: It is said that Queen Maeve, daughter of a High King, is buried here. To pay tribute to her, every hiker should bring a stone with them and lay it down on her grave.

Also on the mountain you can learn about Neolithic ritual focal points where in pre-historic times people met for religious or social purposes and there are many signs that teach you about the happenings.

To climb Knocknarea you do not need to be a professional but be aware that there are many crushed rocks and steep rises could be a challenge.

Strolling on the beach of Strandhill

Down by the foot on the west side of Knocknarea there is Strandhill. It’s a colourful little town with a beach that is known for surfing. On warmer days (meaning: more than 10 degrees Celsius…) you can watch surfers or do a course yourself. If you happen to be in Strandhill on a rainy day or you like a refreshment, try Shell’s Café close to the beach. They even offer handmade specialities in their shop.

If you like walking along the beach, there are miles of dunes along the water for you to enjoy the salty wind and the sand under your feet.

Relaxing at the Glencar Waterfall

To be honest, the waterfall is in County Leitrim. But it is only a few hundreds of metres to the border to Sligo you can almost say it is in Sligo…

And it is breath-taking. Not because it is very high (in fact it’s only 15 metres of height) but you can wander along Glencar Lake before going to the romantic place in the middle of a small forest. If you are lucky enough, the sunshine might reflect on the water and you can enjoy this quite special view without anyone else around. After seeing the waterfall, you can relax in the Tea Shed directly at the car park at Glencar Lake that has recently been opened and presents an exhibition with a lot of history that can be explored.


If you have enjoyed this report and want to visit beautiful Sligo yourself, just contact us and we help visiting the Emerald Isle and Sligo!

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