Visit the most northerly Point in Ireland – Inishowen

Posted by Neil Hand on the 10th of June 2016 at 14:42:49

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If you are the kind of person who likes to go on a roadtrip, you should definitely visit the largest peninsula in Ireland called Inishowen. To be honest, I haven’t even heard about it until I spontaneously went up to Derry (Northern Ireland) and spent the day there. It’s definitely worth your while! Most of the region is located in County Donegal and belongs to the Republic of Ireland.

All you Star Wars fans out there may have already heard about Malin Head?

Exactly – it’s located on Inishowen and parts of the 7th Star Wars episode were filmed here. Indeed, Malin Head does’nt only have a beautiful scenery to offer! Take the Wild Atlantic way on Inishowen, also named “Inishowen 100 scenic drive” which is about 160km long. It’s voted one of Ireland’s most scenic routes, you’ll be amazed by the great views you’ll have on your way.



Have a stop at Kinnagoe Bay, a sandy bay about 8 kilometres away from Greencastle. It’s safe for swimming and to do all kinds of water activities. It also has a perfect beach for families. If you want to take a stroll along the wooded scenery or explore the sand dunes, this would be an ideal location. For more active people, there’s even a spot where you can surf! In 2011 this beach was nominated as one of Ireland’s top 10 picnic places.

However, this is not the only beach you can visit. You can also check out the lovely five finger strand which is not far away from Malin village. It takes its name from the five sea-stacks that can be seen from here, particularly at low tide. There’s also the wreck of the “Twilight”, which sank in 1889 and can be seen when the water is low. Besides that, you can also see some dunes at the back of the beach, which are denoted as one of the largest of their type in Europe.



One sad fact to mention though, this beach is not safe at all for swimmers, as strong currents can occur. In conclusion, Inishowen has a lot to offer if you want to kayak, do horseback riding, or simply cycle along the 100 – you’ll be delighted to be able to do all these fun activities here on this very diverse and picturesque peninsula.


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