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Posted by Neil Hand on the 8th of July 2016 at 14:07:32

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Recently I went to EPIC Ireland and I was totally fascinated how special and informative this new visitor site is. With my own background of being raised in Germany and having a dad who is Irish, for me personally it was a very memorable and overwhelming visit. But you don’t have to have Irish ancestors to enjoy this exhibition. If you’re interested in Ireland and its history you should definitely go there!

This attraction just opened recently in the CHQ Building which itself already has a historical significance. Built in 1820 it was an iron warehouse and now it is a state-of-the-art experience. To get to the CHQ Building it takes about a 15 minutes walk from O’Connell Street/ City centre and leads towards a famous landmark: The Samuel Beckett Bridge. It is so prominent, because it looks like a harp that is leaning to the side and it is also named after the famous writer Samuel Beckett. So if you visit EPIC Ireland you can also view this famous Irish sight!

With arrival in the building there are 21 impressive galleries, which lead you through epic journeys from over 10 million Irish people and the roots of more than 70 million Irish descendants nowadays. Every room you enter allows you to experience interactive technologies. EPIC Ireland is partitioned into 4 thematic groups:

Migration– Get to know Ireland and how it got shaped from all the arrivals and departures in the past

Motivation– Here you get more information about the reasons why people left Ireland

Influence – Experience the outstanding effects of the Irish overseas

Connection – You will realize where the Irish are standing now in today’s globalised world

The tours are self-guided and take approximately 1-2 hours. You can also have a guided tour, but will be available only on request.

The exhibition is the first of its kind allows you to learn more about Irish migration, authentic stories and why Ireland is what it is like today. Those people spread all over the world because of various reasons. The largest reason being the Great Famine accured from bad potato harvests and in later years worklessness was a big issue for many young Irish citiziens. Every story is unique. You will get to know a few of these which, will definitely get under your skin.

As EPIC Ireland concludes their experience:

“After all, emigration is not just a chronicle of sorrow and regret. It is also a powerful story of contribution and adaption.”

If you would like to include this new and terrific site in your Dublin trip contact us today!

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