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Posted by Madeline M on the 22nd of March 2012 at 17:02:59

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I am an American English speaker and when I arrived in Dublin with my American accent people made fun of me, they still do. Here they speak “Hiberno English”.

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Here are some words and expressions that North-Americans would use, and that Irish wouldn’t, or the opposite.

Useful stuff:

-A note on blasphemy:
While it is normal to hear casual use of the name and title of Jesus Christ, you won't generally hear the Irish abusing the word "God" — for example, "God damn," "God dammit," etc.
-A Sidewalk in USA is a Footpath in Ireland
-They don’t use the word Restroom, but they use either bathroom, and in a more common usage the words toilet or the loo.
-Pretty much is said Just about here e.g "How're ya, lads?" "Ah sure still alive anyhow." "Just about."
-A Sambo (ie) is a Sandwich (us)
-The Trunk of your car would be the Boot of your car in Ireland
-And what we call French fries, they call Chips (Fish and Chips sounds way better then Fish and French Fries! Haha)

Fun stuff:

-ATM – Hole in the Wall or Drink link
-Americans don’t be shocked, while we almost never use the F word; the Irish have many unique ways of using it, and do it all the time.
Thankfully - Thanks be to F
Can't be bothered [with it] - Can't be F’d [with it]
And they sometimes use it generally in every day street talking. Kids can use it [with limitations] and you say it on TV and the radio [but only after the watershed]. And, of course, sometimes it's just more appropriate — in a polite situation, for example.

-“Craic” Often spelled "crack," as it's pronounced means Fun.
"What's the craic?" — What's up? / How's it going?
"It was good craic" — a good time.
"Any craic?" — Anything going on?
-When you would use the word Funny on the Emerald Island they would say Gas.
-Dumbass is Muppet.
-Cheers (over a drink) is said Sláinte (Irish: pronounced slantcha) but Cheers is used here for everything, like “Thank you”, “Bye” …
-A rubber in Ireland is an eraser.

-And to finish, when an American would call someone stupid, here they would say dodgy.

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