Are you barking up the wrong tree? Irish Family History Tips

Posted by Niamh Allabyrne on the 12th of October 2012 at 11:52:04

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Have you been bitten by the Genealogy bug? Or has the prospect of starting your family tree left you in a cold sweat? Trying to start your family search can seem like an arduous task and people often get confused by where and how to start it. In my case, I decided to start with my paternal line and focused all my energies on my Dad’s family. And it was no mean feat – our surname despite being quite unusual, did not make the search any easier and I have counted some 22 variations of its spelling so far! I learned the hard way never to dismiss a “weird” spelling! However, my research has gone back even further than I could have imagined – (late 1600s) and has even turned up a few “new” cousins along the way. I am no expert, fumbled along and may have even barked up a few wrong trees, but here are some of my tips on how to begin researching your family tree.

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So if you are looking for your Irish ancestors, the following are some great online resources for you to start. One important thing to note which has certainly added obstacles to Irish Genealogy is that in 1922 during the Civil War, the Irish Public Record Office was burned to the ground and with it Ireland’s 19th-century census returns, all probated wills and almost two thirds of the parish registers of the Church of Ireland. However, some of these lost records did have copies, and combined with the other sources from which to find information, you research will not in vain! Happy hunting!

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