Reasons to Travel by Escorted Coach!

Posted by Niamh Allabyrne on the 8th of April 2014 at 10:06:37

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When vacationing in Ireland or indeed anywhere, people are often undecided about the best way to get around –should they hire a rental car, rely on public transport or perhaps take an escorted coach tour. When traveling everyone wants to see and do all that they can, while at the same time having a stress free vacation, with no logistical hassles or geographical disasters! Nothing can ruin a holiday more than a fight over misreading the map, keying in the wrong gps co-ordinates –( I meant Dublin Ireland – eh not Dublin Kentucky) or heaven forbid actually setting off without any of these things and hoping that pure luck and serendipity will help you reach your destination of choice.

A road trip is certainly fun –the open road before you, taking a wrong turn that ended up being the right one as you discovered you own little hidden gem and the freedom of your own timetable or lack of… But on the flip side, it can be tiring driving all day – especially if only one person is the designated driver and finding your way around Ireland which is notorious for the lack of road signs. This is further compounded by Irish directions - a mile down the road could well end up being closer to 20 and up the road or being advised to turn at the red house with the blue gate (the big one now not the small one) and if you see the brown dog you have gone too far! What??!! Charming at first –wearing by the end!



However, an escorted tour takes all the troubles of getting around out of your hands, as you sit back, relax and just count the forty shades of green. You can even enjoy a pint of Guinness during the day and snooze as you are whisked away to your next visit! But what else are the benefits of an escorted tour?!

• Your itinerary and schedule are all organized in advance – you know exactly where you are going and what you are going to see! No worrying over road diversions, the best route to take, or the best scenic route– it is all taken care of! Your driver/guide will drive you to each destination in a timely fashion, ensuring you get to see all the attractions on that day’s itinerary, factoring in lunch-stops before depositing you safely back to your accommodation each night.

• Meeting people on tour adds to your vacation experience. Bonding over a love of Ireland, discovering it with new friends and making and sharing memories of the Emerald Isle together.

group with music

• Your guide/driver will impart the histories, stories and traditions of Ireland – sharing their own insights, views and knowledge and perhaps even quoting a poem or two along the way. You can soak in the scenery that you may otherwise have missed as you were driving or navigating.

• Your driver/guide will give you their personal recommendations on where to have lunch or dinner and the best pub for a Guinness and perhaps the chance of an impromptu traditional music session. They will share their Ireland with you – taking you to their favorite spots whether it is an out of the way pub for lunch, a viewing spot that only locals know of or perhaps where to buy your Claddagh ring!

group on killarney lakes

So if you are thinking of vacationing in Ireland, let Tourireland advise you. We can help plan your route if you want to self-drive or indeed can place you on an escorted coach tour and guide you around with the help of one of our friendly and informative native guides. Check out our Escorted Bus Tours and hop on for an experience of a life-time! Thinking Ireland? Think Tourireland.


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