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Posted by Niamh Allabyrne on the 30th of April 2013 at 10:33:11

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Having recently re-discovered a love of cooking - not a 2 minute jobby in the microwave – you know the proper kind with a dash of this, and a touch of this, all rounded off with super fresh, locally produced fare – well as much as I can manage anyway – turmeric is certainly not native to these shores, I have as result become quite particular in where I source my ingredients and I like to see who has prepared the produce for the market – have a chat over the ingredients and see the people who have milked the cow, churned the butter and planted the potatoes…… My new favorite past time is wandering around food markets – absorbing their sounds, sights and smells and getting some new recipes and words of culinary wisdom from the market holders.

So I have drawn up a list of some of my top markets which I hope will encourage you to visit one on your travels!

Midelton Farmers Market – Now in its 13th year of operation this highly successful market is going from strength to strength! Every season, produces new fare – you should check out the elderberries in July and August. Yummy! Organic chickens? Check? Myriad of delicious cheese? Check check? Come and gorge yourself here! Open every Saturday – get there early to ensure you have the full array of their delights to tempt you!

Midelton Market Produce

Temple Bar Market – Apart from its great location, right in the heart of Dublin’s historic quarter, this Saturday market has lots to offer any foodie! With a plethora of stalls with offerings from cheese to shellfish, flowers to vegetables, herbs and spices you really are spoiled for choice! And if you ever get tired of the food there are some great clothes and accessories stalls too – this is one of my favorite markets!!

English Market – This market has been in operation since 1788 and is located in downtown Cork City. Open 7 days a week, many of the local eateries source their food from here. With an eclectic mix of traders from organic goods to t-shirts, meat and fish to novelty gifts - not to mention some gorgeous cheese stalls – even you aren’t buying it is certainly worth having a wander around its fun and electric atmosphere.

English Market, Cork City

Kilruddery Market - Held every Saturday this is a great market to catch! Set in the beautiful grounds of Kilruddery House and Gardens- make a day out of it! Gather a picnic from their stalls which offer homemade food to farm produce and then tour the house and gardens!

Galway Market – situated in the very heart of Galway city there has been a market in the vicinity for centuries! Open Saturdays it offers a wide selection of fare from Indian Curry to Japanese Sushi, homemade goods to farm produce, and with some locally made crafts as well – this market has something for everyone! Buzzy and friendly – like everywhere else in Galway, be sure to visit!

Market Scene General

So whatever you fancy – be it a locally produced jam or the chance to eyeball the person who killed your Sunday roast – Ireland has so many markets on the go so be sure and get to your local one this weekend! Bon appetit! And if you are a foodie then you will enjoy reading about Irish Food and how it is evolving and becoming a steady fixture on the world's culinary scene with a host of irish chefs such as Clodagh McKenna leading the way!

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