High Society at Dromoland Castle

Posted by Niamh Allabyrne on the 27th of June 2013 at 09:43:58

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Remember my colleague’s words when she said “Sometimes hotels are preceded by their reputations, and not always do they live up to them. But I always knew that there was something special about Dromoland Castle”.

Well it seems that, not only to us but also to many international politicians, Hollywood stars and other members of high society Dromoland Castle in County Clare, Ireland, has something special too!

With the help of Executive Chef David McCann’s Dromoland Castle Cookbook we listed some of those famous faces who once stayed at the historic 5* estate. Even the dish they enjoyed at the hotel’s “The Earl of Thomond Restaurant” is no secret to us anymore

President Nelson Mandela

What he ate: Dromoland Irish Stew

Random facts: Mandela first visited Ireland in 1990, just months after his release from prison in South Africa and gave his address to Dáil Éireann.

Johnny Cash

What he ate: Seafood Salad Princess

Random facts: Cash stayed at the luxury Irish resort with his wife June Carter during his European Tour covering the UK and Ireland in 1975.

Bono of U2

What he ate: Maria Nolan’s Shepherd’s Pie

Random facts: Christmas 2010 – Although the luxury hotel Dromoland Castle is closed forChristmas,staff returned opened the doors for U2’s Edge andBonoas they were stranded by a snow storm. However, Dromoland Castle’s kitchen almost remained shut as the head chef was away. Mr Nolan enlisted the help of his wife to help on the catering front. Mrs Nolan provided the band and their entourage with a family-sized shepherd’s pie.

Bono of U2


President Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton

What they ate: Dry Aged Irish Sirloin on rich Claret Sauce

Random facts: In 1998, during his second term as President, Bill Clinton arrived in Shannon Airport. The president was a major supporter of the Irish peace process. He took the strongest position on Irish issues ever taken by an American president.

Prince Albert of Monaco

What he ate: Fillet of John Dory with Tomato Nantaise

Random facts: In 2011 Prince Albert returned to Ireland. It has been almost 50 years to the day since the then three-year-old Albert visited this country for a week-long holiday with his parents for the first time.

Pierce Brosnan

What he ate: Roast Burren Lamb in Berry Sauce

Random facts: An Irish actor, film producer and environmentalist Pierce Brosnan lived and grew up inNavan,County Meathfor 12 years.

Pierce Bronson

President George Bush Jnr

What he ate: Smoked Salmon on Brown Soda

Random facts: The US President spent the night of Friday, 26 June 2004, at Dromoland Castle to attend the EU-US Summit. The security surrounding his visit is the tightest ever seen in the state, with the hotel complex and its surroundings totally sealed off in an operation involving some 6,000 security personnel.

Quentin Tarrantino

What he ate: Dromoland Breakfast Omelette

Random facts: Director Quentin Tarantino watched two Irish students make a spoof of his Pulp Fiction film. He actually liked the lads’ ‘Kerry-shtyle’ version of the world-famous scene shows their characters Vince (John Travolta in original) and Jules (Samuel L Jackson) speaking in country accents about McDonald’s burgers in France.

The Beatles

What they ate: Prawn Cocktail

Random facts: The Beatles made trips to Ireland in 1993 and March 1964. Three of the Beatles have Irish blood in them – John, George and Paul!

The Beatles

Crown Prince of Japan

What he ate: Poached Turbot with Asparagus

Random facts: The first visit of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Japan was in March 1985. Back then they planted a katsura tree.

Robert Redford

What he ate: Sole à la Meuniere

Random facts: Over a decade, Redford made several visits to Dublin, working on this biography with Michael Feeney Callan in Howth.

John Travolta

What he ate: Castle Take-Away

Random facts: John Travolta’s mother wasIrish-American, he grew up in an Irish-American neighbourhood and has said that his household was predominantly Irish in culture.

President of China Xi Jinping

What he ate: Galway Bay Oysters

Random facts: Just in 2013 the Chinese President visited Ireland for 3 days. China is Ireland’s 10thlargest trading partner and the biggest in Asia.

Xi Jinping


Are you eager now to come and visit the legendary Dromoland Castle yourself?

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