Greyhound Racing Ireland

Greyhound Racing Ireland

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What is Greyhound Racing?

Greyhound racing in Ireland consists of 6 dogs chasing after a mechanical hare over distances ranging from 325yards (297m) up to 1035yards (946m). The most regular distances raced are 525/550yards (480/503m). The dogs are allocated trap numbers 1 – 6with each trap having a colour assigned to it. A mechanical hare is set in motion and just before it passes by the traps the greyhounds are released. The dogs chase the “hare” around an oval track and the first dog past the finish line is declared the winner.

A little bit of Racing History

While people have been racing greyhounds for hundreds of years, greyhound racing as we know it today is a relatively modern phenomenon. The first greyhound stadium in Ireland was opened in Celtic Park, Belfast in 1927. This was quickly followed by the opening of more tracks in Dublin and Cork. The sport continued to grow in popularity and there are now 20 tracks operating throughout the Republic Ireland.

There are many types of different competitions in Ireland, but the primary race is theIrish Greyhound Derbyheld at Shelbourne Park in Dublin. Along with theEnglish Greyhound DerbyandScottish Greyhound Derbythey are considered the big three in greyhound racing.

Bur probably the most popular part of the race is to bet on greyhounds! You can back your chosen greyhound to win, to place or even to be beat.

The Irish Greyhound Board - Bord na gCon

Is a commercial semi-state body which is responsible for the control and development of the greyhound industry in the Republic of Ireland.
The Board was established under special legislation by the Irish government in 1958. The Greyhound Industry Act (1958) gave the Board wide powers to regulate all aspects of greyhound racing in the Republic of Ireland including the licensing of the different tracks, the issuing of permits to officials, bookmakers, trainers and the implementation of the rules of racing.


Greyhounds have been in existence for longer than any other breed of dog and for all that time, have been prized for their speed, grace, agility, hunting prowess and as loyal pets and companions.
The only breed mentioned in the Bible, greyhounds also appear in early cave drawings, adorning the tombs of Pharaohs and are celebrated in many paintings, stories and poems.

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