Escorted Bus Tours of Ireland

Escorted Bus Tours of Ireland

Looking for a tour of Ireland where you can sit back, relax and take in the highlights while someone else does the driving? Then an Escorted Bus Tour is just for you!

What an Escorted Bus Tours includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Admission to selected attractions
  • Breakfast each day
  • Guide
  • Some meals (lunches and dinners included on some tours)
  • Transport

So if you are thinking of bus tours in Ireland, we have an option that's just right for you! We can personalize a thrilling bus tour for you and your friends and family or you can travel with CIE Tours creating some great memories and making friends along the way!

Get a Quote today and take the first step of your Irish vacation! This is traveling your way - with Tourireland!

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Dear Janice,

Many thanks to you for a wonderful trip to Ireland. It is a trip we will never forget.

The self-drive tour
was perfect for us. We really got to use our five senses to experience Ireland. We were free to get up when we wanted, eat when we wanted and stop when we wanted. It was perfect.

We had three main goals while planning this trip: see as many of the sights as possible, visit as many small pubs as possible, and eat as much seafood as possible. We did not fully accomplish these goals. I guess we must return!

We did see many of the main attractions and were amazed with the age of the castles, the beauty of the cathedrals, and the overall beauty of the country.

We did get to see and drink in many small pubs. People were always so very friendly and helpful.

And we did eat seafood as much as possible. Friends told us the food was bland and boring in Ireland. Totally untrue. We were not disappointed with any of our meals during our two weeks. Our meals were delicious. The fresh seafood was over the top great. The seafood chowder was the best we ever tasted. Our first experience with the chowder was in Waterford. It was pouring down rain so we stopped in a very small cafe-diner. We ordered the seafood chowder and it was terrific. So creamy and so full of fresh seafood.

Our hotels were very good and the weather for the two weeks was unexpectedly sunny. We had only two half days of rain and unexpected quick showers on a few days. It rained in Waterford and at Giant's Causeway. Actually, it was pouring down rain at the Giant's Causeway. While I was taking pictures, my wife got back on the bus. Not paying attention, I continued to take pictures while she and the bus returned to the Visitor Center. She waved to me while I was slipping off a rock and filling my shoe with water. The weather for the trip was chilly, but the sun was out the vast majority of the time.

Thanks again for all you did to make this a great trip and experience.


Dan & Marti

Dan and Marti Migliorini, Indiana, USA

Taste of Ireland Escorted Bus Tour 5 Days